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At Binmatter, we specialize in creating cutting-edge software solutions that engage and inspire.

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Inper is the comprehensive CRM & ERP solution your company needs to streamline management and foster growth. Centralize operations, make informed decisions with real-time data, and tailor it to your specific business needs. The ideal choice for efficiency, innovation, and scalability in business management.


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Match colorful shapes to gain points and compete with friends for the highest score in this challenging and engaging mobile game.

Action through dynamic geometric environments, dodge obstacles, and collect power-ups in this retro themed, fast-paced arcade game.

*Play on a Desktop Computer

It's party time! Enjoy a variety of fun minigames on this interactive platform, perfect for social gatherings. (In Spanish)


Technology has revolutionized the way we live and work, constantly evolving to meet new challenges and opportunities. At Binmatter, we embrace this evolution by leveraging the latest techniques and tools to deliver cutting-edge software solutions.

App Development by Binmatter

App Development

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We develop intuitive and robust web & mobile applications tailored to your business needs, ensuring seamless user experiences and cutting-edge functionality.
Game Development by Binmatter

Video Games

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Our team creates engaging and fun video games, combining innovative design with great mechanics for a captivating player experience.
Back-End Services by Binmatter

Back-End Services

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We offer comprehensive back-end solutions, including cloud infrastructure management, database design, and API development, to support your digital projects.
Digital Experiences by Binmatter

Digital Experiences

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We design great digital experiences, AR, VR, and gamified systems, to enhance user engagement and create memorable interactions.

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Our team brings together a wide range of expertise and a collaborative spirit. Meet the people who will help make your next project a reality.

Binmatter Team Member

Victor Talamantes

Founder & CEO
Binmatter Team Member

Sandra Barrón

Co-Founder & Lead Artist
Binmatter Team Member

Manuel Manriquez

Backend Developer
Binmatter Team Member

Freida Portillo

Frontend Developer
Binmatter Team Member

Osvaldo Orozco

Multimedia Developer
Binmatter Team Member

Angel Duarte

Backend Developer
Binmatter Team Member

Edgar Arenas

Illustrator & 3D Modeler
Binmatter Team Member

Sara Solis

Video Editor & Gfx
Binmatter Team Member

Bebli Nevarez

QA Tester

Taking on a major project? No problem. In conjunction with our expertise, we are proud to partner with leading agencies and universities. These collaborations enable us to tackle projects of any size, providing innovative solutions to meet your needs.

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